I am a researcher with expertise in glacial geology, palaeoglaciology and remote sensing. My research uses the glacial geological record – the “lumps, bumps and dirt” left behind by glaciers and ice sheets – to reconstruct the behaviour and characteristics of former ice masses and examine glacier-climate interactions.

I completed my PhD at Queen Mary University of London between 2014 and 2018. My thesis examined the extent, style and timing of former glaciation in the Gaick, Central Grampians, Scotland. During the 2017-18 academic year, I was concurrently a Teaching Associate in the School of Geography, Queen Mary University of London.

In 2018, I was appointed as a Visiting Research Fellow in the Department of Geography, University of Portsmouth. I am a member of the University of Portsmouth’s Glaciology Research Group (UoPG).

For further details, please see my Research and Publications pages.


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