I am a researcher at Stockholm University with interests and expertise in glacial geology, palaeoglaciology and near-surface geophysics. I am also a Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Portsmouth.

My research uses the glacial geological record – the “lumps, bumps and dirt” left behind by glaciers – to reconstruct the behaviour and characteristics of former ice masses and to examine glacier-climate interactions. My current area of primary interest is applying near-surface geophysics to investigate glacial landforms.

Key publications

  • Chandler, B.M.P., Boston, C.M., Lukas, S. (2019) A spatially-restricted Younger Dryas plateau icefield in the Gaick, Scotland: Reconstruction and palaeoclimatic implications. Quaternary Science Reviews, 211, 107–135. [Click here for access]
  • Chandler, B.M.P., et al. (2018). Glacial geomorphological mapping: A review of approaches and frameworks for best practice. Earth-Science Reviews, 185, 806–846. [Click here for access]
  • Chandler, B.M.P., Evans, D.J.A., Roberts, D.H. (2016). Characteristics of recessional moraines at a temperate glacier in SE Iceland: Insights into patterns, rates and drivers of glacier retreat. Quaternary Science Reviews, 135, 171-205. [Click here for access]

For further details, please see my Research and Publications pages.


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