Open access (non-formatted) versions of all my peer-reviewed publications are available for download from my ResearchGate profile, or you can email me for a copy.

Peer-reviewed articles

Chandler, B.M.P. and Lukas, S. (2017). Reconstruction of Loch Lomond Stadial (Younger Dryas) glaciers on Ben More Coigach, NW Scotland, and implications for reconstructing palaeoclimate using small ice masses. Journal of Quaternary Science, 32(4), 475–492. [Available here]

Chandler, B.M.P., Evans, D.J.A. and Roberts, D.H. (2016). Recent retreat at a temperate Icelandic glacier in the context of the last ~80 years of climate change in the North Atlantic region. αrktos, 2(1), 24. [Available here]

Chandler, B.M.P., Evans, D.J.A. and Roberts, D.H. (2016). Characteristics of recessional moraines at a temperate glacier in SE Iceland: Insights into patterns, rates and drivers of glacier retreat. Quaternary Science Reviews, 135, 171-205. [Available here]

Chandler, B.M.P., Evans, D.J.A., Roberts, D.H., Ewertowski, M.W. and Clayton, A.I. (2016). Glacial geomorphology of the Skálafellsjökull foreland, Iceland: A case study of ‘annual’ moraines. Journal of Maps, 12(5), 904-916. [Available here]

Short articles

Chandler, B.M.P. (2015). Application of “annual” moraines to assess recent patterns and rates of ice-marginal retreat at Skálafellsjökull, SE Iceland. MSc Thesis Abstract. Quaternary Newsletter, 136, 34-35.

Chandler, B.M.P. (2014). Assessing recent ice-marginal fluctuations of Skálafellsjökull, SE Iceland. Quaternary Newsletter, 134, 33-36.

Chandler, B.M.P. and Jenkins, G.T. (2014). GLWG 14: The Cheshire-Shropshire Lowlands. Quaternary Newsletter, 133, 22-27.